Carboxotherapy uses a series of small injections with an extremely thin/small needle attached to a tube which delivers tiny quantities of medical grade carbon dioxide below the skin’s surface in a controlled flow and dose via a specially designed machine.

The injection of small amounts of carbon dioxide in an area causes the body to send oxygen laden rich blood cells to the area which speed up healing or new cell production which rejuvenates the area. It is highly effective in treating:carboxy2

  • cellulite,
  • stretch marks,
  • scars,
  • under eye circles, bags and loose eyelids, and in
  • stimulating collagen and elastin, which leads to tight youthful skin.

Carboxytherapy offers a good complement to liposuction, improving skin smoothness and elasticity.

Carboxytherapy for Hair Rejuvenation


Hair thinning or hair loss may occur as a natural part of aging, due to medications, poor diet (lack of important nutrients in the diet), heredity, male pattern baldness, hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, menopausal changes, emotional stress, illness, injury, or due to a disease.

Carboxytherapy for the treatment of hair re-growth or hair thinning  is a unique procedure offered at The ChinQuee Center.  Dr. ChinQuee has been trained on the many uses of Carboxytherapy in Paris, France.  C02 is applied to the treatment area, by injection, using  an extremely small mesotherapy needle.  Carboxytherapy works to improve circulation by causing the red blood cells to release oxygen, at the treatment site, and pick up C02 to be eliminated by the body.

The process of improving circulation  and bringing more oxygen to the  scalp treatment area allows for nourishment of the hair follicle. It allows for the introduction of more nutrients and vitamins to the scalp for increased hair growth. It works extremely well  in combination with mesotherapy for hair loss. There is no downtime with this treatment and  it is very well tolerated by patients.

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