As a pioneer in functional medicine, Dr ChinQuee says the goal at her practice is positive vitality. Not just the absence of disease.

She says many patients come to her feeling “unwell” even though they have spent plenty of time and money visiting many doctors.

In this video, Dr ChinQuee gives a brief description of how she will handle your treatment.

She explains how she listens to her patients and works in partnership with them to investigate their symptoms and all of the factors in their lives that are often influencing what’s happening inside their body.

These include key lifestyle elements – factors like how you eat, how you sleep, and you stress.

Next, Dr ChinQuee takes all of your symptoms and the factors in your lifestyle history to determine the proper testing that is required and when those test results come back she takes the time to explain how all of those factors connect and help determine the best treatment plan.

She says the best moments are when patients say, “I knew I wasn’t crazy, I knew something was wrong.” And together she and her patient have finally found it.