Mary was battling what she describes as “extreme, debilitating fatigue.” She has a very demanding job, and had tried to get help from several doctors trying to figure out why she was experiencing “irritability, confusion, brain fog. “

All of this would be difficult in many jobs, but for a private flight attendant who needs to be engaging, upbeat, and attentive—it was a nightmare. Somehow she was getting through her days at work, but at the end of the day she had nothing left.

When she walked into Dr ChinQuee’s office, Mary says that she immediately felt at home.

She was impressed that this doctor actually listened to what she had to say, and Mary says she could tell Dr ChinQuee was not going to stop until she got to the root cause of the problem.

Mary says she felt like “Dr Chinquee was my last resort” and I told her that, “I felt like I was dying.”

In this video Mary C explains how Dr ChinQuee is different than all those other doctors she tried, and why she says, “Just one visit with Dr ChinQuee was worth more than all of those other doctor’s visits combined.”