“If looking for answers, come to Dr. ChinQuee. Her level of medical based information is unmatched.”

— Patricia

“I decided to try bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. It is working wonders for me.”
— Trudy

“I have seen six doctors, including two top endocrinologists in New York City and wasn’t getting anywhere. I was tired all the time, gaining weight and couldn’t concentrate on work. Dr. ChinQuee started to peel back my symptoms to look at the root causes. I didn’t realize how much the stress of life and environmental factors could deplete my body. Now, I feel great. I have more energy, am sleeping better, and am more focused. Dr. ChinQuee literally changed my life. She practices state of the art medicine that truly gets results. She is an amazing doctor who always takes the time to answer my questions and explain the why behind everything she does.”
— Sarrah

“I was dying, literally. Bedridden for four months and suffering from a litany of symptoms too numerous to enumerate here. I went from doctor to doctor to no avail. A series of events led me to Dr. ChinQuee’s door and she diagnosed me the same day. I am now very much alive and well. The difference between Dr. ChinQuee and other doctors is that she does not just treat symptoms, she treats the whole patient. She listens, takes copious notes and creates a medical protocol addressing your concerns.”
— Sabrina

“When I first came to Doc, I came for weight loss. After reviewing my test results, she found out what was causing me to be stalled. She found that my adrenal glands and thyroid were not functioning properly and that my stress level was too high. I was fatigued as well as being hypoglycemic and experiencing gynecological issues and before I could move forward and achieve my weight loss goal; these problems had to be corrected. Since being with Doc, I am not as fatigued as I once was. I lost twenty pounds of pure body fat and she had given me natural supplements that my body was missing. I feel ten times better and healthier than I did when I first came to see Doc. I am no longer exhausted every day. I have energy again to get what needs to be done.”
— Jeannette

“I went to Dr. ChinQuee because I was tired of feeling sick and tired. I believed that being 30 didn’t mean I should accept the things most people shrug off as getting older. I came to her at a point in my life where I felt down both mentally and physically and knew that I wasn’t supposed to be that way. Now, I can sleep at night; the kind of sleep where you wake up and feel rested. I can go through the day without needing to have caffeine. I can think clearly because the brain fog is gone. I feel more calm. I find comfort in knowing that there are legitimate reasons why I am feeling that way and that my doctor has a plan for me that doesn’t involve some sort of magic pill.”
— Danielle

“Some years after surviving stage 3B breast cancer I began searching for medical help for years including working with two different functional medicine doctors for six months and one and a half years respectively.  I ended up in a worsened condition.  In desperation and still with little help, I came to consult with Dr. ChinQuee.  I have been working with her for almost eight months now.  I am over-whelmed with gratitude for the care, thoroughness, knowledge and generosity I experienced from her and every single person on her staff.  I am now able to sleep, I have energy, I am not depressed or despairing at all.  I am re-invested in my own very meaningful work.  In addition Dr. ChinQuee’s guidance and support in dealing with cosmetic issues has been so careful, conservative, technically advanced and above all artistic.  I truly am being supported to recover my life.  I give thanks for her and pray deeply for her and all of her work every day.”
— L.R. (Ph.D)

“My experience at the ChinQuee center was phenomenal.  Before having the pleasure of finding this gem, I found myself at almost 200 lbs., on my petite 5’1” frame and decided my New Year’s resolution was to lose the weight in time for my wedding in Cancun, Mexico by May.  January went by and I lost a few pounds but it was not the weight loss I had anticipated.  I watched my calories and worked out 5 days a week and saw the scale tip into the 190’s.  Determined to finally get some help, I was blessed with finding Dr. ChinQuee.

After a thorough assessment on my needs, mindset and physical health, an HCG diet program was tailored specifically for me!  The rollercoaster ride of losing weight can be very challenging but I was given step by step guides and readings in order to feel confident with the weight loss program.  The staff was very informing and always were at reach when needed.  Any hesitation I had was put to rest with the personal care and attention I received.  They held my hand through the weight loss which made it such a huge success.

Now I find myself at 40 lbs. (of fat!) lighter and dropped from a size 14 to a soon to be size 8!  I don’t ever recall being this slim as I always struggled with the weight as a child.  I am forever grateful for the team and what they have helped me accomplish.”
— Nachelly N.

“The day that I was referred to Dr. ChinQuee was the day my life and health turned around completely.  My experience with Dr. ChinQuee and her staff has been one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had with a medical practitioner and it was truly life changing.

Once you meet with Dr. ChinQuee, you know right away that she is truly passionate about being a doctor and she knows her stuff.  Not only does she take a thorough history and perform an equally thorough physical examination, she is also compassionate, she is a great listener, she has an open spirit and has unequalled attention for the details.  She was able to properly diagnosis me with anemia from just a physical examination (later on a blood test and some other tests confirmed her diagnosis along with other things she suspected was going on with me).  She treats the whole person and gets to the root cause of any illness you may be facing.  You can also tell that Dr. ChinQuee is a teaching doctor as she takes her time with you and explains things clearly and makes things very easy to understand.  It is important to her that you are a well-informed patient and she gives you all the necessary time that is needed for your particular care.  She is extremely knowledgeable and she will explore every avenue and every option in order to provide you with the best care.  Dr. ChinQuee leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her patient’s well-being.

When I needed surgery, she was at the hospital with me from start to finish.  She held my hand through the entire process and was there for my family to keep them abreast of the situation from beginning to end.  My family was so relieved and grateful to have Dr. ChinQuee there for all of us and they commented to me that they have NEVER experienced such personalized service from a doctor and my family works in the healthcare field.

Dr. ChinQuee should be your NUMBER ONE choice when looking for a doctor who truly cares about the complete wellness of a patient and who is passionate about women’s health.  It’s very rare to find a doctor such as Dr. ChinQuee as she truly is a gift from GOD!  I highly recommend her as she is truly AMAZING!!!”
— Crystal W.

“I am so fortunate that my search for a “perfect doctor” brought me to Dr. ChinQuee.  As an RN, I aspire to healthy choices in diet and lifestyle.  Dr. ChinQuee is my expert and partner on my life’s journey.

I greatly admire her knowledge and ongoing quest to stay current with alternative health options and medicine…the perfect blend in my opinion.  Dr. ChinQuee has a pulse on her patients, assessing their needs and offering the “latest and greatest.”

Then the fact that Dr. ChinQuee is the most caring and empathetic doctor I have ever met, is the explanation point!!!”
— Donna S.

“Dr. ChinQuee is sincerely interested in YOU, your life and your overall health and well being. Her passion for her work and tremendous compassion for her patients makes the experience different and incomparable—surpassing any doctor I have met over the years. Her dedication and generosity is truly remarkable.”
— Erica

“As a journalist I am a skeptic who believes in the adage “seeing is believing.” When Lorri and I came to you in March for consultation on how we could lose weight, I was doubtful that your approach, like so many we’ve tried in the past, would work. But I listened and I tried. . . Within a few weeks, I noticed my clothes were fitting better and my weight was dropping. . . The more I saw weight come off, the more motivated I became. In a period of three months, I lost a total of 21 pounds, Lorri about 23. Not only are we looking better, but we are feeling better. . . Thanks to you I have developed a new consciousness about eating. . . I will remain forever grateful to you. . .”
— Marvin

“I combed the universe for Dr. ChinQuee.”
— Debra

“Before I write my experience with Dr. ChinQuee; I must say, that in all my life, I’ve never met a person, except for my wife, with her level of compassion.  She was able to empathize and truly understand my medical condition.  My wife and I consider her to be a true friend!

“The following is a true account of a life changing event.

“I’m a retired firefighter.  In 1971, forty-five years ago, my back was permanently injured in the line of duty.  I was a young man then.  Ever since that time, I have dealt with daily severe lower back problems.  When I met Dr. ChinQuee, our families were together touring several US national parks.  We were less than halfway through with our vacation and I was planning on going  home because I was having multiple back spasms and was in severe pain.

“When I met Dr. ChinQuee, she noticed that I was using a walking cane and spoke with my wife and me about my condition.  Pain medications barely take the edge off my pain.  Surgery is not an option for me.  She asked if I had ever tried acupuncture.  I replied “Yes, I’ve tried it twice within the past year and it didn’t work at all to relieve the pain in my back.”  She then asked me, “Are you willing to try it again?”  My reply was “Yes, I’ll try just about anything right now.”

“Twice, Dr. ChinQuee instructed her staff to FedEx her acupuncture supplies to our group’s next destination.  Upon receiving supplies, she came to our room and performed an acupuncture treatment on me.  Her method was quite different from any I had experienced prior to meeting her.  First, she asked me, “What is your pain level on a scale from 1 to 10?”  I told her my level was 9.  After a few minutes, and with a few needles in my right ear, she told me to get up and walk about 15 feet; and while walking, she asked “What is your pain level now?”  I then told her it was a 3.  She proceeded to carefully put additional needles in my right ear, and again told me to get up and walk.  While I was walking, she asked what my pain level was now.  I said “I don’t feel any pain now!”  She then told me she needed to balance the treatment by putting needles in my left ear.  I was told to leave the needles in for 45 minutes and she would return to remove them.

“Dr. ChinQuee returned to our room and asked again, “What is your level of pain now?”  I again replied that I felt no pain.  She removed the needles from my ears.  I asked her, “What did you do?”  “I can’t believe there is no pain in my back!”  She explained that acupuncture was one of her “specialties”, and in particular, “medical acupuncture.”

“During the remainder of our trip, Dr. ChinQuee treated me 5 times.  I was able to walk farther than I had in years, and I slept like a baby.  My wife and I were in tears!  This was the first time in 45 years I was pain free!  To my wife and to me, Dr. ChinQuee was a literal answer to our prayers who performed a true miracle!  I will forever be grateful to Dr. ChinQuee for her humanitarian efforts, free of charge, on my behalf and on the behalf of thousands of others.”
— A.D.

“I lost 18.5 pounds in the first four weeks of the medical weight loss program, with the help of Dr. ChinQuee, Thelma Johnson HHC and Tonya Lowther. I am impressed with the program and the very professional care I am receiving. On a scale of one to five, I rate my experience at the ChinQuee Center for Health and Wellness five and a half stars.”
— Vinnie

“Upon arriving to Dr. ChinQuee’s office, I could not stand up straight. My menstrual cramps were so painful, all I could think about was the fastest way to get home and crawl back in bed and wait until the pain went away. Dr. ChinQuee took one look at my hunched over torso and scrunched up face and generously offered to perform ear acupuncture, free of charge. As a business school student, ! was skeptical. First question: How can sticking needles in my ear actually help my cramps go away? Second question: Why would Dr. ChinQuee offer me this treatment for free? But I figured – what the heck. l’m in so much pain (level 7.5 or 8/10), l have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As soon as Dr. ChinQuee stuck the first three needles in, the pain immediately alleviated (level 4/10). Another few went in, and the pain proceeded to abate (level 2/10). I felt as though I had taken a drug. By the last needle, not only had all my menstrual pain gone away (level 0/10), but my entire body relieved itself of all tension and stress. !twas unbelievable. It could ultimately only be described as pure magic. It was at that point that I finally realized the answer to my second question – “Why would Dr. ChinQuee offer me this treatment for free?”: Because she’s an angel!”

“I know her since 1991. My insurance does not pay for my visit, but I will not see anyone but her.”
— Marie

“Feeling as though you’re the only patient when you’re having that one on one.”
— Claudia

“I must tell you that I have lost 44 pounds of body weight and, of that, 43.5 is Body Fat and I have been able to keep up my Total Body Water and Lean Body Mass. I do feel healthy, happy, confident and greatly encouraged and do enjoy working with Thelma, Holistic Health Counselor, and Tonya, Medical Assistant, and being under the most capable medical supervision of Dr. ChinQuee.”
— Shirley

“The most important part of the entire experience is that I have new friends at the center (Dr. ChinQuee, Thelma and Tonya) who call to check on me periodically, even though I am no longer visiting on a regular basis. I have a whole new respect for weight loss because I have learned that losing weight does not consist of dieting alone and weighing in once a week at a general meeting. . . It is more about your overall wellness and vital signs. This is what Dr. ChinQuee and her competent staff have taught me and for that I am extremely grateful.”
— Josephine

“Dr. ChinQuee is the most competent, feeling and wonderful doctor. . . After 16 years I look on her as a confidante and friend who happens to be my doctor.”
— Linda

“Doctor ChinQuee, you are very well informed and you educate your patients. You don’t leave them in the dark about anything.”
— Brenda

“Despite the fact that I am on student insurance that does not cover out of network doctors, I continue to come here because I trust Dr. ChinQuee and feel most comfortable with her form of care.”
— Elisabeth

“You’re made to feel as if you’re the only patient. She is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to her patients in a sensitive, compassionate manner. Dr. ChinQuee is truly a blessed and wonderful doctor. Dr. ChinQuee is the most soothing physician I have met in my life.”
— Joanne

“The best, caring, professional. Five stars.”
— Renee

“The best OB/GYN in New York, NY.”
— Janet

“The feeling that I am not doing anything alone.”
— Gail

“The time that is taken with each patient and how she hears your concerns.”
— Chandra

“You are the best.”
— Tatyana

“The office ambiance is warm and welcoming.”
— Crystal

“It’s all about results. I came here to lose weight. I am losing the weight. I love coming here and I’m learning things I can use for a lifetime.”
— Darrol

“When I walk out of her beautiful office I feel well assured that my concerns are truly diagnosed and cared for. I will always feel grateful and blessed to be under her care.”
— Peggy