March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Doctor Karlene ChinQuee, the Founder and Director of the ChinQuee Center for Health and Wellness, sees many patients in their 20’s, 30, 40’s who come to her practice who are suffering from chronic pelvic pain and she says she is always on the lookout for  Endometriosis.

While it is one of the most treatable conditions, Dr ChinQuee says it also one of the least treated.

Endometriosis can also lead to infertility. Dr. ChinQuee says it’s not uncommon for patients to come to her who have seen several other doctors who have missed the condition, so proper testing is vital and a very good reason to have a National Month set aside to draw attention to this problem that is lurking and causing untreated and unnecessary pain to too many women in New York and the nation.

Watch this video for Doctor ChinQuee’s easy to understand explanations: What is Endometriosis? What are the Symptoms? What’s the best way to Diagnosis Endometriosis? And, What are the treatment options for Endometriosis?

Doctor ChinQuee is a Board Certified Gynecologist who has been affiliated for more than two decades with Lenox Hill Hospital. In addition to Gynecology services, the ChinQuee Center for Health and Wellness also provides complete solutions for Total Body Rejuvenation, Aesthetics, and Age Management.